Partners in Art is a scheme run by Pallant House Gallery. I have been a volunteer, and worked with my partner Vivienne, for nearly five years now. We both think Partners in Art is great!

The idea is great! It starts with two people out there somewhere, antennae twitching, on the lookout for something to give and receive; something to share. As they patiently scan, blip…….blip…….blip, and wait for the right thing to turn up, lo and behold, onto the radar screen appears Pallant House Gallery, where Sandra, Marc and Lucy have ears a-twitching for partners-in-waiting.

Partners are great! It really is a win win situation. A chance to be in a relationship based on the best of ourselves. Here is our foundation and purpose; to seek out the life force that is common to us both, to establish it in creative pursuits and to manifest it in works of art. What’s not to like!

Art is great! Colour and beauty inspired by the world, or by experiences, and brought to life in our own individual way.

The days are great! Looking forward to being with someone where the only intention, and indeed requirement, is to spend time together doing art. What a gift! I don’t know what my partner will want to do today, how she is feeling, what is inspiring her or taking her fancy. That’s what is great; someone other than me, with her own thoughts, ideas, loves and tastes to add to the creative pot.

Our pictures are awesome! Vivienne lived in Africa as a child. Given the chance to make art about anything, anything at all, she chose her love of African animals and birds. I have never been to Africa in my life; the magnificence, the colours and an atmosphere so unlike anything an English Rose has seen! But now I have been given an experience of the majesty of creatures full of colour and presence, set in a vast and wondrous landscape.

The way we work is fantastic! We talk a lot, get inspired, chew the fat a lot. We keep an eye out for images or colours we like or patterns that might be useful. Then suddenly we pounce!  Watching our creations come to life is thrilling. Something we have never seen, appears in front of us. Something we didn’t know we were capable of, takes form before us. Something made possible by working alongside each other.

Behind us there are great people at a great place! There we are making our art, knowing that we are supported and encouraged by Sandra back at the Gallery. She knows us both, what we are like, our quirks, our strengths and our potential. She has handed us a great opportunity and, in return, our ‘thank you very much’ is to pick it up and fly together.

If you would like to become a Partner in Art, you can contact Pallant House Gallery for more information.

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