Framing and Stretching

We are very lucky to  have a resident framer at the studios!

Terry’s expertise is the making of bespoke frames to home artists’ work. But he also makes our stretchers.

We thought perhaps we could share these services, so here is a message from him…



As my framing service is expanding, I now regularly order from my wholesaler who delivers directly to the studio.

Needless to say Nicola is alive to this and extends the orders (and my workload!), not only for framing, but now also for canvas stretchers.

‘Tried, tested and recommended’ by our model, I can cut and make these stretcher frames to any size.

fixed corner frame

I can offer different depths…

other profile depth

one profile depth

…and a canvas stretching service on request.

In addition I can supply slotted stretchers, which have corner wedges, in many different sizes plus brace bars etc as required. Pre mitred, slotted bars start at 20cm and go up to 2metres.

By buying pairs you can create pretty much whatever dimension you require (yes, including 20cms x 2metres if you really want this!!).

slotted corner frameUnlike many “cheaper” canvas frames from GreatArt, Seawhite etc, all these are good quality kiln dried pine bars.

In practice they are able to deliver a robust framework to paint on and retain their shape to make for a polished end product should you also require a framing service. By way of example a 900 x 600 fixed corner stretcher, ex canvas, costs just over £20.00.


I can supply different types of backing board, mdf etc and the complete range of Daler full size mount boards, all at competitive prices, and cut mount boards for you to most sizes and specifications.

I will be pleased to hear from you have any enquiries or projects I can help you with.



New paintings!

Ariadne&JonahcropAriadne and Jonah each began as 2 red ‘shoes’ in a concertina book. The books grew upwards; legs took shape, stomachs, hearts, arteries and veins, clothes, hair and brains. Finally I cut free their shoes, lit them up and let them sing. This is what comes of intense tuning and faithful attending to the needs of the unseen!

Dressed in gravity and love, Universal constants, the creative reality of relationships here finds a voice in my 2 new paintings.


Universal constants: gravity


Universal constants: love

All at sea!

Having finished the series of Chatterbox paintings, I am back to research…


…all at sea in a concertina book!

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