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As kindly written by my husband – aka Framer Guy, who also works at the studio. I couldn’t have said better myself…

Trained as a scientist Nicola turned initially to photography then over three decades to painting, sculpture, installations, textile work and in some cases combinations of all of these elements! Her work examines the structures of life and feeling; physical, emotional and psychological. Her science taught her to look beyond the immediate reality of things to understand the deeper connections and organisations of our world. Her art practice gave feeling and shape to her life experiences, including the joys and traumas of childhood, and more recently the impact of cancer. These combine in her eclectic and startling art work, hard to define but genre defying and remarkable in all respects.
Her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and exhibitions; she has an extensive following of collectors, buyers and enthusiasts. Lately her work includes the creation of Sunday Vest; gowns, frocks and woollens, designed and made with quiet love and careful attention.

nicolahancock.co.uk shows my current work. I also have a gallery of work to view and purchase, at Courtyard Studios – please contact me to arrange a convenient time to visit.

nicolahancockthetestaments.co.uk is an archive of work to 2013.

Supported by my own practice, I have established Courtyard Studios to provide an environment in which to access the seat of creativity, both to make art and as a life force. My own willingness to create is an invitation for the same freedom in others.

I manage and develop Chichester Open Studios Art Trail; artists in Chichester, and its surrounding area, open their studios to thousands of visitors. This year will be a summer Trail – July 10th/11th – 17/18th.

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